LAB Profile® Certified Specialist

Are you an HR Professional? Coach? Consultant? Or Leader?​

The Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile®) is a powerful tool to use when communicating with individuals or groups that allows you to notice their Motivation and Productivity Patterns and respond with just the right Influencing Language. It can be used to attract the best employees, to manage and to coach them to grow.

Here’s the Big Idea…

As you probably already know, the right people are the key to any business’ success. A manager who has the right team will thrive instead of ending up overwhelmed, frustrated and tired.

The Problem is…

The problem is that the competition for hiring the right people increased like never before. And managers have a real challenge to attract the best talent and to keep them.

Welcome to the LAB Profile®

The new LAB Profile® gives you the Words That Change Minds to recruit, manage and coach your high performers.

First, you ask a few questions to identify Motivation and Productivity Patterns that your best-performing employees have.

Then, you can write job ads and job descriptions that attract the right people and repel the ones that are not a good fit.

Finally, you use the Motivation and Productivity Patterns to manage and coach them. This will keep them motivated and they will never want to leave your team.

Transform the Lives of Your Team or Clients

Are you an HR professional, a coach, consultant, or leader who loves helping teams experience growth and transformation? Add the LAB Profile® to your toolkit and start leveraging it in your organization or in your practice.​

This Is NOT a Personality Test, It’s Much More Than That

The LAB Profile® is not a personality test. Although personality tests are useful for our education, they are often ineffective because they tend to label people in general.

People have different behaviors in different situations and the LAB Profile® is the only tool that takes this into account and lets you use it in real-time conversations.

“Taking Shelle’s course on the LAB Profile® saved my professional life. It enabled me to implement an important culture change in my workplace and that allowed me to achieve the vision I had for an 800-people department. I managed to help technical and non-technical employees communicate efficiently and really understand each other. In recruitment, I used the LAB Profile® to deal with a 35% turnover rate – our final results are still pending, but things are already looking a lot better.​”

Sylvie Talbot
Consultant in Business Strategy and HR

What others are saying

Dear Shelle-

I wanted to thank you for a tremendous learning experience. You are truly a professional and an exceptional speaker. Your ability to take complex concepts and make them easy to understand and apply is a rare gift. Everyone on my team especially enjoyed your humor and the fun learning atmosphere created.

Best Regards,

-Aretta Swanson,
Manager, Sales Training & Performance-North America, SIEMENS

Centro Mexicano de Excelencia Humana Creativa
Diseno Humano Neuri-Linguistico (DHNL)

This is a letter to say I’m very enthusiastic that I know Shelle Rose Charvet. Every year since 1994 I have invited her to Mexico City and Tabasco to train in the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program.

I think she is one of the greatest trainers because of her character, her attitude during her presentations, the way she talks is very clear, her contact with the audience and her strong and clear manner of presenting the different topics… her verbal and nonverbal contact with the people, the sound of her voice is very touching and mindful…

She is very professional and a great human being.

-H. Rodrigo Jauberth
PhD. in Sociology.
DIrector, CEMEHC

The Chief Executives Office

New Career Horizons for Chief Executive by Chief Executive
President: Sir Kit McMahon
Former Deputy Governor The Bank of England

I am amused as I dictate this letter because putting in writing why Shelle is a good speaker, is to be a bit like saying why Rolls Royce is great motor cars and Nelson Mandela is a wonderful person! Shelle actually comes in that league from our experience of having her come over to England and presented to our group of senior Chairmen/Chief Executives and directors. She is a simply exceptional person with a great mind who has developed a program and a presentation style that is very nearly unmatched in the world. Our other presenters include Sir John Whitmore of the Grow Model, Nancy Kline of Time to Think and other international authors and presenters. None of them are any better than Shelle and I put her in the peerless world league that would include very few.
She is simply an exceptional person and an exceptional presenter.

Yours sincerely,

-John Webster

European Organization for Nuclear Research
Organisation europeenne la recherche nucleaire

Selle is an experienced and full-fledged facilitator, trainer and public speaker. Her credibility as a trainer at CERN has been gained throughout the years, thanks to her excellent knowledge of the CERN organization culture as well as the depth of experience in the domain of communication and leadership skills and coaching.

The feedback from the participants has always been extremely good. the main points are about her flexibility to adapt to the audience, her energy and interpersonal skills, her cultural sensitivity, the real value of the different mini case studies and examples that come from her technical expertise, the balance between theoretical and practical parts during the workshop and last but not least, her personal touch.

-Pascale Goy
Head, Learning & Development Group
Human resources Department


I have had the pleasure of being present during many of Shelle”s speaking engagements, as well as being a client of Shelle”s, and I would wholeheartedly say that Shelle is one of the very best speakers and performers I have ever seen…. and I say that as a professional performer and actor who trained at the Royal Central School of Speach and Drama in London.

I and my partner in the business, Douglas De Souza, would like to lend our voices to what I am sure and so many other voices around the world, who have been touched by Shelle”s wisdom, humor, compassion, intelligence, and humanity, in saying Shelle is most deserving of consideration for his honor.

Very warmest wishes,

-Steve Payne

Rotman School of Management

Shelle Rose Charvet has been an instructor/speaker in out Initiative for women in Business programs since 2009. She is an excellent presenter and our participants have found her sessions on Influencing and Communication to be engaging, fun and applicable.

Shelle is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and ăassionate about her work. We have always found her to be extremely professional and reliable and enjoy working with her.

-Greta Sheker
Director, Initiative for Women in Business
Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto

Shelle Rose Charvet is an experienced, energetic and practical trainer. Her relaxed style encourages participation.

Her post-seminar follow-ups with participants speak to her results-oriented philosophy. We continue to use Shelle to strengthen our team’s quality, sales, and labor negotiations. I have found that her number one priority is that we succeed.


-Al Gonta
Manufacturing Director
The Woodbridge Group

“LAB Profile® expertise facilitated my professional “U-turn” from employed sales manager to self-employed trainer-consultant in many ways. It allowed me to gradually position myself as “an expert” in communication and influence and I use LAB Profile® in my training: sales, influence, public speaking, motivation, communication.”

-Serge Deprez
Founder of Efficient Behaviours, Belgium

“I thought the online LAB Profile® program was excellent! I felt that I was in the training with Shelle. The information was very clearly explained for me and it was fun and interesting to study it each week, in fact, I looked forward to each new module every week! Also, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily and relatively simply it all came together at the end in order to be able to profile people, using the questions and worksheets.”

-Tom Kelsall
Wagga Wagga, Australia

“The LAB Profile® trainer program with Shelle has been incredibly valuable for me as trainer and consultant. I used it immediately back in my work, setting up several successful programs and promoting more effectively. So what came out of it? Awesome customer feedback, new business opportunities and a great reputation as an expert in LAB Profiling.”

-Swantje Allmers
Business Improvement Consultant, Hamburg

“We significantly increased the response rate to our direct marketing by matching the language in our communications to the correct Motivation Pattern for our target group.”

-Martin Hill

“I think this course is brilliant and it is already helping me with my work environment. I love Shelle’s style. She is amazing!”

-Audra Smith
Business Consultant, UK

“I am loving the online program. I bought the book years ago and loved it, but this brings it much more to life. I think I’ll be able to use the concepts more.”

-Jenny Jackson
Education Consultant, Melbourne

“I am delighted to have passed the LAB Profile® certification. Due to the fact that it took me so long to complete I have ended up watching the LAB online sessions about four times over. In retrospect, this has been a very positive move as I feel the techniques are more effectively embedded than if I had completed the course quickly. For me I’ve found, it’s about being aware that context is king to understanding people and with that in mind not to assume that because someone acts in a particular way in one situation they will act similarly in another if the context has changed.”

-Suzanne Cave
Real Feel, UK

“Totally awesome! Perfect mix of content and exercises and perfect for modeling how to do a training.”

-Joe Niedzielski
Trainer of NLP, New Jersey

“Really enjoying the online program. I’m an NLP Master Practitioner and have been interested in getting the LAB Profile® certification separately for some time – so when I saw it was available I jumped at it. Really looking forward to the future modules and embedding the “academic” understanding I had of Meta Programs.”

-Michael Fooks
Kinetic Potential, New Zeeland

“I am really enjoying Shelle’s lessons and her style of delivery. I also really like the aspect that she is a Jewish (French??) Canadian. I really appreciate the intercultural coloring, which is typically my professional context as well. Speaking of context, I really love how Shelle is clear on the aspect of “specific context”, which has been my criticism of most of the personality models out there.”

-Christiaan Lorenzen

“Great job with the online course. It is tightly packed, easy to follow, great examples, interesting stories- super. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take this training from you in the comfort of my home- it is a super program, great content and the added bonus of being able to be in touch with you and the other participants on Facebook is super. THANK YOU!”

-Bev Martin
NLP Trainer, Portland

“I found Shelle’s online programme invaluable in deepening my understanding of the LAB Profile®. Her training is very comprehensive, detailed, delivered with an appropriate style and a lovely sense of humour which complements the provided materials. She gives excellent examples in LAB Profile® application including pattern combinations which are not found in her well-regarded book (Words that Change Minds).
The programme has certainly given me more insight into the way that people use language and behave. Furthermore, I am much more aware of how I use language with myself as well as to others in conversation. My suggestion to others is to seriously consider this programme if understanding and influencing people is important in their role.”

-Steve Cowie

“Fantastic! The amazing discovery and journey on language that create a person’s destiny. Spread the LAB Profile® around the GLOBE!”

-MD Taib bin Mat
Consultant, Malaysia

“I LOVED the course. I have watched all the segments with great pleasure and interest. Your material greatly compliments and expands my work.”

-Allie Middleton
Integrative Leadership Practices, USA

“I’ve trained with many trainers in the UK and in North America, and nobody seems to know their subject as deeply as Shelle knows hers.”

-John Cliff
Communication Consultant

“Brilliantly conceived and entertainingly delivered, a course I would recommend to anyone.”

-Lynne Phillips

“Your online program is amazing. You make it so understandable and clear. I have read most of your books and listened to the audios and must say, seeing and hearing you train in the video brings such clarity and “lightbulb” moments. As I move from session to session I see so clearly how I can use this skill to improve my Retirement Coaching conversations with my clients. It’s exciting to think how I can verbally “nudge” them into moving forward more quickly with their own solutions to attaining their dreams, overcoming their self-imposed limiting beliefs and/or inner obstacles. Developing this skill makes me realize my responsibility in its use too.”

-Janine O’Shea
Janine O’Shea, Coach, South Africa

“I loved your presentation and thought it would be great for our leadership teams.”

-Linda Hannah
Good Samaritan Society, British Columbia

“I am loving the program as it’s so well done. I took my practitioner a long time ago with Shelle so it’s a nice refresher. I would recommend this program to anyone as it will enhance your rapport building and communications skills in a major way.”

-Diane Talbot

“This is the first, in a very long line of online trainings/education that I have purchased over the past 5 years, and this is the ONLY program that has actually worked with my learning style. Thank you. I look forward to completing this class. It’s so refreshing to finally have information that I want and I am eager to learn in a format that truly resonates.”

-Alexis Chapman
Operations Manager, California

“The online LAB Profile® program was so much fun and, like others have commented, gave me valuable insights and tools from the minute I started the program online. I’m so pleased I did it. Very, very pleased, inspired and motivated to use it in my work and in general life.”

-Helen Holan
Career Direction & Performance Coach, Australia

“I am in awe of your productivity!! Not just in your fast response to my material, but for example your attention to your learners in your Online Programme as well as all the other products you have come up with. Many thanks for your time and consideration to the chapter.”

-Fran Burgess

“If you want to convince yourself so you can work with others I invite you to go through the LAB Profile® Practitioner course and Consultant/ Trainer course. It is the most powerful and fun learning programme I have been on and worth every bit of personal, physical and intellectual expense. It’s more than a toolkit, it’s the complete multifunction personal tool and needs no batteries!”

-Ian Clarke
Life Associates, UK

“Shelle never fails to deliver great sessions. Her tips are well explained with plenty of metaphor and real examples. This lady is already a stand-up comedian in my eyes :-). Her style is just so infectious. Can’t wait to see her again at future sessions.”

-Brendan D

“A couple of things occurred to me when I was ‘doing’ the course which you may find amusing. Over the last few weeks, I realized I ‘get’ my husband a lot more now. Because his parents rarely praised him (didn’t want to “give him a big head”) he is highly internal in many things and doesn’t give praise easily himself. Coming from a typical warm Jewish family, you can probably imagine how I grew up developing a largely external pattern in many contexts! It’s really helping me understand his needs more now! That gets me thinking – has anyone ever done any research on how we develop the LAB Profile® patterns?”

-Rebeca Brenda Klug
Leadership & Executive Coach

“I fully enjoyed the course. I found it had practical examples from different industries, liked the online forum for exchange, exercises I could follow/do at home and you also conveyed personal connection through the internet!”

-Brent Markley
Head of Training Academy, Paris

“It was a pleasure doing the course and I’m finding it really interesting now that I’m noticing some of the patterns in peoples general conversation. Thank you so much for making the course available online, I really appreciate the opportunity to do the course now; it has whetted my appetite even further to attend a ‘live’ training over the next few years to get the full certification.”

-Bernadette Rogers
Trainer & Coach, Ireland

“I’ve been watching some of your videos today and just had to email to say how brilliant you are at getting a point across on video. Especially love your humour.”

-Leigh Ashton

“Thank you for this….I found it so useful and simple to understand & to use. Using real-life examples really made the process really come alive for me.”

-Joanne Coulson

“Thank you for the certification and the program as a whole. I liked the simplicity of the program and also clear structure. I liked that it was presented as a useful tool in the toolbox rather than a universal cure for all diseases. I do use the skills in daily personal life. One of the first time I actually did that was giving a piece of advice to my brother on dealing with his 4-year-old son. His son was more internal in the context of communication with parents, so we decided that letting him think for himself works better than implying someone’s else’s opinion. Of course, this works only when he (the child) understands how to behave based on previous experiences. Watching TV became different, more oriented to form than to content.”

-Gintaras Usaitis

“You are so real, insightful and compelling on video. Not an easy thing to do, for many of us. I love it!”

-Donald Cooper
Business Speaker and Coach, Toronto

“Thank you very much for delivering such a valuable programme. I really enjoyed the way the course was delivered and the pace of the programme which kept me focused because of the weekly timescales. I found this very motivating.”

-Deborah Simpson
Director and Lead Trainer, UK

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